WEEK 6 April 27-May 1

1.     Log into Gmetrix.net

Complete Illustrator CC 2015 Project 1: Intro to Illustrator CC15! Quiz #1

Project 2: Illustrator Basics Quiz #2

You must get a 90 or above to move onto the next project, if not please repeat. Once complete please submit screen shot of Quiz score to Google Classroom.


Gimp App


Tutorial Video - Watch GIMP 101 Tutorial for Beginners: How to use Gimp for beginners - Lesson 1 - Getting around GIMP



Watch- Remove Anything From a Photograph in Gimp using GMIC | Gimp for Beginners 5 | No Resynthesizer




Read through

1. The Gimp Toolbox PDF ( Google Classroom)


1.     Assignment # 2

Log into Dropbox:  Resources Folder:

Complete the Magazine Cover Assignment Part 2 ( Pages 2-11 of your Magazine)

 Please refer to Design rubric in Google classroom for Grading.   

2.      Once complete submit your finished design as a jpegs to the correct Google classroom folder.