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    Certified Nurse Assistant

    The course teaches the skills, laws and practical hands on experience to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Reading materials are on the 6th grade level and above. The course includes classroom instruction and hands on practice off-site. The course is geared towards passing the NYS Certified Nursing Assistant exam. Students can obtain positions as Nursing Assistants upon completion.
    This course is offered at the 96th Street Campus.

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    Medical Health Careers

    Medical Health Careers: Student will read material on the 8th grade level and above. Students will need to do basic math including percentages. Students will learn about different types of insurance, billing for single and multi-physician offices, understanding hospital, emergency room and out-patient services, learn proper vocabulary, tasks of the medical biller, confidentiality and other applicable laws. This course is geared towards the NHA, CBCS, CEHRS, and CMAA certifications. Students will be prepared for an entry level position.
    This course is offered at the 96th Street and Longwood Campus Locations.

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    Vision Technology

    The vision technology program is a hybrid program consisting of classroom instruction and industry internships. Working with prescriptions from eye doctors, you will determine the size and style of eyeglasses, explain appropriate lens options, cutting lenses to fit into an eyeglass frame while also adjusting finished glasses to fit the patient. Students will be trained on state-of-the-art industry instrumentation and machinery, gain competence in all aspects of being an optician, from fabrication to the dispensing of the finished product, heat treating, chemical tempering, and to mounting lenses into designer frames. Students will also learn how to perform custom tinting for individual patient’s needs. Possible internships at Vision Center, Cohens, Lens Crafters, A&S Optical and EAG lens laboratory.
    This course is offered at the 96th Street Campus.

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